Maldives' Four Seasons Resorts Kuda Huraa offers exclusive surfing programmes

The programmes have been designed for beginners as well as experienced surfers

Four Seasons Resorts Kuda Huraa, Maldives, is set to offer surfers a vacation where they can hone their skills while giving those who wish to surf a chance to learn with the Tropicsurf pros before they would be able to head to the Island Spa for a surfer’s massage. 

Tropicsurf offers tailored, luxury surfing experiences, with their surf guides maximising the time and the wave count of surfers. For this, no experience is required. 

Among the programmes that are offered, the Dream Programme for Beginners is meant to help new learners understand the essentials of surfing in the Kuda Huraa’s lagoon before hitting the waves. No experience is required, but reasonable fitness is important. 

The second programme is called Daily Surfs, in which daily boat trips would take surfers to Kuda Huraa’s waves, where they would be able to surf under the guidance of an expert coach.

Ride Clinic and Coaching is Tropicsurf’s 10-step programme to help increase the surfers’ knowledge, confidence and wave count. 

Surfers would also have the option to board a seaplane with a team of expert guides to begin the Four Seasons Extraordinary Experience, available at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa.


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