Lucaris is fully geared up to serve our hospitality partners: Uday Verma, Ocean Glass Public Company Ltd

"In recent days, Lucaris glass has suffered along with the hospitality sector but I personally feel that there will be a “V” shape bouncing back of travel, tourism and hospitality industries in India."

In an exclusive conversation with BW Hotelier, Uday Verma, Executive Director- Customer & channel Development (CCD), Ocean Glass Public company Ltd elaborates on his business, the current situation and shows the way forward in terms of strategy and recovery.

How Lucaris glass is positioned in India and how much impact do you feel on your business due to the ongoing virus spread?

Lucaris is one of the most admired luxury glassware brands in India. Be it famous 5-star hotels, high-end bars or premium restaurants, our products have been widely accepted. Wine, hard drink and cocktail connoisseurs from across the nation put Lucaris ahead of other high-end brands available in the market. In the past one decade, we have worked hard to ensure Lucaris is available at premium retail outlets as well as online to ensure our admirers can purchase the products easily. To ensure, we remain on the ‘top of the mind’ of our esteemed customers, we continue to bring new products as desired by them. The virus scare has impacted most of us. As you would know, our business of spreading happiness through elegant glasses is related to travel, tourism and hospitality industry that have been going through a tough phase for a while. This has reduced our sales offtake from the food service sector, however, there has been an improvement in demand from the household segment where our esteemed customers have started to enjoy more at home while maintaining personal distancing to curb the virus spread. 

Given the current obstacles, how do you plan to cope with the COVID-19 situation and what are your key strategies for this market?

When we talk about obstacles, let me begin with the old saying, “This phase shall pass like any other.” COVID-19 has indeed been testing our patience for over a quarter now and we will overcome this obstacle for sure. Time has witnessed repeatedly that India and Indians have won overall obstacles with their inbuilt resilience system in the society. As a nation, India will come out stronger from COVID-19 phase and life shall be back to normal by Diwali 2020.  There will be virus free atmosphere, there will be happiness and smiles all around, there will be celebrations and people will enjoy their lives with little upgraded lifestyles. Our strategies shall remain to spread happiness among people, and we will always be there with them. We shall resume organizing wine and whiskey masterclasses, conduct various events involving sommeliers from across the country and rope in experts to talk about how Lucaris can enhance overall dining, wining, and drinking experience. At present, we are working on upgrading Lucaris offerings and soon we will be in the market with ultra-luxury mouth blown and handcrafted sophisticated Lucaris glass range in design collaboration with Sarah Heller Master of Wine, we have named this series as the ELEMENTS. We launched ELEMENTS at Frankfurt during world famous Ambiente exhibition in February 2020. 

Considering that your business is so much related hospitality industry what is your assessment on post-COVID-19 recovery?

Most of us have read comments and reports leading to the fact that India will witness an abundance of domestic tourism post-COVID-19. With over 130 crores population in the country and tourism picking up, we are sure that the hospitality sector will get back to close to the usual business soon after the situation becomes better. Most likely, the number of domestic and international flights will be back to their normal flying schedule around Diwali 2020. All state governments are putting full efforts to drive corona away while the central government has been providing multiple stimulus packages to keep the economy going. In recent days, Lucaris glass has suffered along with the hospitality sector but I personally feel that there will be a “V” shape bouncing back of travel, tourism, and hospitality industries in India. We assess that people will be extra careful about health and hygiene while enjoying lives and celebrating outdoors. There would be certain guidelines by the administrative authorities as well to ensure there is no resurgence of the virus. Hospitality industry is aware of the upcoming situation, they have plans to ensure compliance and get back to the usual business. Lucaris is fully geared up to serve our hospitality partners in all possible ways. Cheers!

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