Louvre Hotels Group introduces the first Hotel and Food University in Rungis International Market

The group opens Campanile hotel and Corporate Food University in Rungis International Market.

Louvre Hotels Group recently introduced the first Hotel and Food University in the Rungis International market. The Group's hotel, called Campanile hotel, houses a Corporate Food University on its garden floor. 

Talking about the launch, Pierre-Frédéric Roulot, CEO Louvre Hotels Group said, "Since its inception over 40 years ago, Louvre Hotels Group has never ceased to develop and nurture its love of all things catering. The location of our hotel Campanile and Food University in the heart of the world's largest fresh food market is tangible proof of our passion for gastronomy, hospitality, and knowledge transmission. It is a great honour for our Group to be the first hotel player associated with such an emblematic place." 

The hotel has 84 contemporary rooms, including five family suites, offering a pleasant and peaceful stay. Open 24x7, the hotel lives up to the Group's motto of 'Hotel for people. Moments for sharing' by providing local delicacies in its lounge bar. Besides, the outdoor terrace offers ample space to soak under the sun and get a glimpse of the gardens of Louvre Hotels.

"We are truly honoured to establish our hotel-restaurant in a setting as emblematic as the Rungis MIN. In addition to welcoming our guests, our privileged access to the Market, and its wonderful array of fresh produce enables us to instill the importance of seasonality in our staff. I hope for our hotel to become a reference for the key players of Rungis Market and its numerous visitors," said Michaël Fernandez, Director of Campanile Rungis Orly.

Known as 'Chaud Devant!' the hotel group's first Food University prepares professionals for the catering and hospitality industry. In addition to that, guests can use the garden floor to host private seminars and external companies' events.

Commenting on the complement of the Rungis Market offer, Stéphane Layani, CEO of Rungis International Market said, "I wanted to complete the Rungis Market offer by opening a hotel and its restaurant. To go further, I asked to Louvre Hotels Group to become the partner of the Rungis Academy, our University hub for catering profession, so they opened an 'application' restaurant. This ground-breaking initiative transform Rungis into a pole of excellence in terms of gastronomy and excellence." 

Offering around forty training courses, the university promises to transmit their culinary expertise in a conducive training locale of Rungis International Market. Moreover, some modules include training by renowned French Chefs such as Philippe Renard and the 'Cuisine mode d'emploi' teams to impart knowledge on world cuisine and pastry making. The courses will take place in person or will employ methods of e-learning such as virtual reality.

Speaking about the Food University, Christophe Macedo, F&B Director of Louvre Hotels Group expressed, "Chaud Devant! is a dream venue where we can showcase our catering expertise and pass on our knowledge internally, as well as a fantastic opportunity for everyone to share their love of quality products and conviviality with us."

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