Launching: “BW HOTELIER Breaking the Pandemic – Getting The Industry Back”, Experts Write Series

BW HOTELIER started chatting with hospitality, travel and F&B experts to pick on their experienced minds for the industry to make a comeback

OUR WORLD has landed hard on its back for reasons none of us had ever imagined in our wildest dreams, scary dreams for that. This global lockdown and quarantine regime is unprecedented and is almost all encompassing, with billions locked in at home, streets empty, no vehicular traffic, all flights grounded, schools, offices and commercial establishments shut. Hotels have downed shutters. Hospitals have gone short of facilities, be they beds, ICUs, doctors or the most precious ventilators. Work from home is a norm than an exception. Travel and holidays even for the rich and mobile are taboo. Being social animals, getting out meeting people and partying, that we’ve loved, practised and enjoyed all our living years have suddenly become a strict NO.  

What is this?

Is it true? 

Is this 2020 that we ushered in and planned for?

Yes, it is tragic in as much as it is mind-numbing… a dream gone wrong and plans gone awry.

As we head into the second month of this shut down in India, there are no signs of how long this shall last, even though the government is trying its best and global thinktanks are still betting on India doing better than any. Fingers crossed and prayers on each lip will help, but we will only deliver what we plan for in such an unprecedented situation. It’s now about planning, planning really well and then down to execution. 

Time at home should not be about sitting down and worrying, it won’t help. It is time to get our thinking caps on, on how to launch a comeback. It is about getting back to the drawing board, about getting on and putting our heads together with our teams and leadership. We have to work up a ‘bounce back’, detailed and realistic executable action plan… what, how, when, how much, by whom, by when.

Towards this end, BW HOTELIER started chatting with hospitality, travel and F&B experts to pick on their experienced minds for the industry to make a comeback… as you all plan your way out. Going ahead, every day an industry expert shall write their thoughts here for you to read, internalise and recalibrate plans. Their nuggets of wisdom will come in handy for you and your leadership team as you chart out a comeback course.

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This too shall pass and soon. Like I wrote, India is way better placed than any country and that is such a head start for us all.


Bhuvanesh Khanna

CEO – BW Communities | BW | BUSINESSWORLD Media Pvt Ltd.

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