JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove & Spa appoints Amitesh Virdi as Executive Chef

With over 19 years of experience under his chef’s hat, Amitesh Virdi has already built a recognisable reputation for himself in the industry.

JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove & Spa announces the newest member of its crew, Chef Amitesh Virdi, who has been named as the hotel’s new Executive Chef.

He has donned the apron at several hospitality and culinary establishments in the country like Grand Hyatt Delhi, Hyatt Regency Mumbai, Grand Hyatt Mumbai, JW Marriott Juhu Mumbai and JW Marriott Sahar Mumbai. He has also held the baton at a popular Indian restaurant chain, Punjab Grill, as their Brand Chef, handling up to 10 restaurants for Western India and the South India region. 

Virdi is a master of many cuisines. Whether it is stirring together Chinese, Japanese and Thai delicacies at Teppan, the hotel’s Pan-Asian outpost, or putting together the most delicious Mediterranean and Italian creations at the hotel’s outdoor restaurant, Wisteria Deck—Chef, Virdi comes with the passion to bring his unique flavour and creativity to every kitchen, including to the local Himalayan trout served fresh at the hotel’s specialty seafood restaurant, Trout House Grill and Bar. 

Apart from his qualifications in food management and safety and his culinary genius and leadership skills, his philosophy towards food and hospitality is also resonant with that of the hotel, in that he believes good food and hospitality is the most important connecting bridge to people, places and memories. Virdi holds home-made food, traditional recipes and local farm fresh produce close to his heart as well. He appreciates the making of a recipe and the method of how certain foods are cooked in a special way. 

Chef Amitesh Virdi explains, “Following a single-track approach will only limit the human mind from developing. I seek to achieve a balance between creating new flavours and cooking with traditional recipes. I believe we must always remember our roots and where we come from to be able to create new legacies and reach even greater heights.” 

Apart from donning his chef’s whites, Virdi has an eye for photography, a love for travel and a true appreciation for nature’s bounty. He enjoys taking pictures of people, capturing their emotions, learning about new cultures, eating local foods and observing varied lifestyles of the world.


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