Introducing Collaborative and Innovative Ways Should be the Focus: Major Aval Sethi

Speaking at the recently organized webinar Breaking the Pandemic ‘Procurement – The Big Game Changer’ by BW HOTELIER in association with HPMF; Major Aval Sethi along with other esteemed panelists shared their observations and optimistic ideas to get the Indian hospitality back to the normal.

The Indian hotel industry came to a complete standstill in the last three months due to the recent COVID disruption. While the businesses heading towards the normalcy; BW HOTELIER curated a platform to hear from the leaders of procurement industry about their strategies and plans.

Taking forward on the discussion on the unhindered and the sustainable partnership between procurement and the supplier partners Major Aval Sethi, Head of Procurement, Embassy Services said, “Today both the partiers – supplier and hotels are really facing difficult times and challenges and surely, both have to survive.”

Adding on to the point he mentioned the specific value can play a major role in taking the operations to the greater heights which will to create the internal alignment and a very collaborative mindset throughout each part of the hotel that is linked to this effort.

Repeatedly emphasizing on the collaboration Major Sethi mentioned, “We have to look at an innovative and collaborative framework which cannot exist without each other support and the focus should be on introducing collaborative ways of working first.”

Talking about consolidation and strengthening the belief in supply partners for procurement he mentioned that we cannot afford to deal with a whole lot of suppliers, we just need to deal with some key partners and work collaboratively, ensuring that they invest and build their capability so they would be able to offer you more products and services as a consolidation and aggregation.

He commented and pondered about working closely and bringing in the suppliers as strategic partners in this game and said, “Our aim should be a two-way benefit.”

Concluding on the optimistic and hopeful note panelists have agreed that this disruption made is the correct time to realize and redefine and come out as much better and stronger. With the revival, difficulties will overcome, 2021 will be a far better year for our business.


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