Initiative by The Imperial to ‘Reconnect with Nature’

The program which featured nutrition consultant Sangeeta Khanna and Khetify, an urban farming initiative stressed on the need to grow your own food and be able to ensure what one eats is as chemical free as possible.

Chef Alok Verma- Executive Sous Chef at The Imperial New Delhi poses with the High Tea served during the event.

THE IMPERIAL, New Delhi, took a commendable initiative by putting together an interesting afternoon to celebrate World Environment Day to create awareness on the significance of consuming slow food or home-grown food. A program to stay naturally healthy with home gardening was conceptualised by The Imperial to ‘reconnect with nature’ and also to educate people on the need for pesticide-free food.

Sangeeta Khanna, nutrition consultant spoke to the gathering on the occasion and said, “we are living in an air-conditioned bubble that travels along with us where ever we go. The market forces are actually controlling our lifestyles and we have almost forgotten to sit under the tree or have a cup of chai in the nukkad. Growing at least some of our own food is a wonderful way to nourish our body and cleanse the environment at the same time.”

Speaking about the packaged food, Khanna mentioned only 2.5 percent is actual food nutrition, the rest are just chemicals and additives. The cryptically used language by the manufacturers is misleading in the market.

“The environment is not a topic to be discussed only by scientist or environmentalists. It is a topic that is at our own doorstep,” Khanna said while speaking about the need of growing your own plants. She described some of the plants that can be grown in a balcony or on roof tops.

Shabnam Kapur- Co-Founder, Khetify, an urban farming initiaite, spoke about their work, “the idea of sustainability stems from self-dependence. Our mission is to make urban areas self-dependent for their food and nutritional requirements. It is possible to utilise a lot of urban space that is lying vacant to grow food. At Khetify, we are constantly trying to find innovative ways to achieve this and to enable citizens to effortlessly grow food in limited spaces.”

The Imperial, New Delhi is also being environmental friendly by have a good allocation of water recycling and also taking preventive measures for saving Mother Nature. Vijay Wanchoo- Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager, The Imperial New Delhi expressed his views on the occasion “we have always demonstrated a commitment to environment by reducing, recycling and reusing to give back to society and the surroundings we operate in. Taking these programs a step ahead; we propose home-grown produces a vital stream of life in the current scenario.”

The informative session ended with a healthy organically curated Green high tea spread by Chef Alok Verma- Executive Sous Chef at The Imperial New Delhi. It featured a spectacular spread including purple quinoa, parsley and millet salad with pomegranate; Avocado, lime, tomato and cilantro with dehydrated banana chips; Charred red peppers, goat cheese pyramids in sour dough. Caramelized apple cake with ragi and cinnamon added a perfect note to the nutritious afternoon.

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