IATO thanks IHCL for rolling out Promo Code Special Rates for IATO members

Each member will be given a Unique Agency Code and booking can be done online without any hindrance


Rajiv Mehra, President, Indian Association of Tour Operators thanked Puneet Chhatwal, MD & CEO, and the entire team at The Indian Hotels Company Ltd for rolling out the Taj Hotels Promo Code Special Rates for IATO members which were announced at the 36th IATO Annual Convention in Gandhinagar recently.  

The concept of members specific rates for all IATO members with promocode was raised with the four major hotel chains during the panels discussion on: Hotels in the New Normals  and then taken forward by IATO. IHCL, while taking the lead, rolled out the Promo Code Special Rates for the IATO members. This could happen with the tireless work done by key officials of IHCL who were involved and they finalised all modalities in one month time and created special package for the IATO members who wish to avail these Promo Code Special Rates.

The terms and conditions for the Promo Code Special Rates for the IATO members for the Taj, SeleQtions and Vivanta hotels, have been announced. Each member has been given a Unique Agency Code and booking can be done online without any hindrances to the IATO members. Promo Code Special Rates are exclusively for INBOUND BUSINESS ONLY and NOT VALID for DOMESTIC LEISURE and are only for FITs. Members who have contracted rates will have access to those rates based on their individual negotiations, relationships and buying power and will have choice whether to use Promo Code Rates or contracted special rates or the bar rates. These rates are valid with immediate effect till March 31, 2023.

As of now, the Promo Code Special Rates have been rolled out for the active members and in next 30 days, it will be rolled for allied member tour operators and travel agents as member is being given Unique Agency id. The terms and conditions, especially the cancellation policy and the Force Majeure Clause which have been worked out by IHCL in consultation with IATO, are very much favourable for the IATO members and are industry friendly. “This will help all small and medium tour operators to use IHCL properties for their clients and specially those who do not have special rate with IHCL. We are sure this will benefit both IATO members and the IHCL and will make their relationship stronger than ever,” said Mehra.  

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