Home-baking – A sinful passion!

Rewati Rau is a passionate baker specialising in freshly baked, fuss-free homely cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Her latest venture Bikku Bakes offers a range of healthy bakes with dietary restrictions.


Bikku Bakes is a home bakery specialising in freshly baked, fuss-free cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes without preservatives. With a range of healthy bakes using alternative flour/sweeteners that cater to various dietary preferences, writer-turned-entrepreneur Rewati Rau is a firm believer of using indigenous raw materials that reflect the home bakery in the variety of alternate flours.

The Concept

Baking with my good old round antique oven was always a fascinating experience ever since my teens. I grew up and so did my passion for baking. From the round oven, I graduated to an OTG, in which I used to bake brownies, cupcakes, cakes et al. My foodie husband often nudged me to try and replicate fresh tea cakes that he had grown up eating in his hometown Trivandrum. It became a daily ritual and soon I started getting requests from friends and neighbours who wanted me to price my bakes. That’s how Bikku Bakes was born in October 2015 with a small menu comprising 18 bakes. Currently, self-funded, we have around 50 bakes in our menu – sinful cakes and cupcakes, bars, a range of healthy cookies and a separate section of alternate flour cakes.  


I specialise in bakes sans preservatives and artificial flavours. Almost everything that I use for my bakes is sourced fresh. I bake with fruits—a pineapple/strawberry cake will only be available during the season. My cakes, cookies and brownies are often made with alternate flours including whole wheat, ragi, jowar, bajra and besan. I substitute refined white sugar with jaggery, dates and honey, depending on a client’s preference.

The Uniqueness

Oven fresh tea cakes, fudge brownies and millionaire bars are the all-time favourites. Two of my most loved tea cakes are the vanilla sponge cake and a buttery lemon cake. Among the healthy bakes, my bestseller is the simple whole wheat banana bread and the whole wheat dates and walnut cookies.

What’s New?

I want to increase my range of healthy bakes with more options for people watching their diet or with dietary restrictions. The latest addition to my bakes is a decadent flourless dark chocolate cake

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