Hitachi launches 'SET FREE mini' for the Indian market

The product is designed for exquisite interiors and exteriors of premium bungalows and apartments, luxurious villas, restaurants, cafés, and workspaces.

Hitachi launches 'SET FREE mini' model to set free modern lifestyle customers, architects, interior designers, and developers from technological and aesthetical compromises by offering futuristic air conditioning technology.

Commenting on the launch, Gurmeet Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. said, "Hitachi Cooling and Heating has earned a special reputation with the highest brand recall amongst the consumers for its superior quality, advance technology, unbeatable performance and long-life products."

He further added, "With its innovative technology and futuristic engineering, we are confident that SET FREE mini will bring a new era of modern lifestyle, ultimate comfort, and superior design in the country. This revolutionary product is perfectly designed to match the ever-changing lifestyle choices of modern lifestyle customers, new-age architects, interior designers, and developers."

"Our innovation is focused on catering to the changing preferences of premium and luxurious homes, commercial spaces, and workplaces in the post-COVID-19 lifestyle by leveraging such futuristic technologies," he concluded.

SET FREE mini has been designed considering the Indian climatic conditions. Hitachi Cooling and Heating is also promoting 'Made in India' ACs. The company also aims to reduce its component imports to almost half and increase exports three folds in the next three years.

SET FREE mini's Outdoor Unit has expanded its range from 3 HP to 7 HP to assure compatibility with two-bedroom to five-bedroom luxurious homes. Through its customisable cooling and heating options as of SET FREE mini provides comfort throughout the year with its working temperature range of -20 deg C or to 52 deg C. Multiple styles and size options are available for indoor units ranging from 0.8 HP to 6 HP capacity.

SET FREE mini's outdoor units replace multiple outdoor units to one and thus sets luxurious home exterior free from the clutter. SET FREE mini offers a stylish range of ceiling flush cassettes having one-way, two-way, and four-way options. Stunning HI Wall style comes in various sizes, which gels with every room interior.

This air conditioning system allows flexibility to connect up to 10 indoor units of different styles and capacities in a single piping system to set lavish interior enthusiasts free from complex piping around the house by offering neat installation. The company has also introduced the new one-way cassette with its slim dimension – almost 35 per cent smaller in-depth and 20 per cent smaller in height from the current one for stunning décor.

The new range has a facility to connect an additional 30 per cent of IDU capacity using the cooling load diversity of the usage pattern. As we go higher on the floors, a wind pressure increases & causes a challenge for outdoor unit airflow, whereas SET FREE mini's ODU is designed with 30 Pa pressure, which helps overcome such wind resistance and works efficiently.

Perfectly matching up the high ceilings requirements of car showrooms, hotel lobbies, and sports shops, Hitachi's four-way cassettes delivers powerful air throw of 5 metres down, which cools such high ceiling spaces efficiently and is the best in class. SET FREE mini offers eight different types of indoor units and five types of controllers.

A wi-fi based airCloud Pro connects users from any part of the world with one touch. SET FREE mini can be centrally controlled by controllers or a new innovative IoT VRF management mobile app – airCloud Pro. A motion sensor technology senses the human presence and accordingly adjusts the airflow.


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