Guests expect good Wi-Fi and shower in a hotel: David Cooper

Speaking at the ‘Design Innovation to Conservation’ weBBlast series organised by BW HOTELIER in association with Hansgrohe, David Cooper, Head of Global Project, Hansgrohe, mentions that a guests looks for a good Wi-Fi and shower experience in a hotel.

Founded in 1901 by a genuine pioneer – Hans Grohe, the German sanitary manufacturer company Hansgrohe delivers human-centric water experiences. The company consists of two distinctive brands under its umbrella known as AXOR that is a design brand for bathrooms and kitchen that presents products which are an expression of individuality in collaboration with world-renowned designers and the premium brand of the company, Hansgrohe that shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom space with its developing ground breaking solutions. David Cooper commented, “AXOR stands for avant-gardism, perfection and individualization and Hansgrohe stands for durable, top-quality and environmentally friendly products.”

Speaking at the BW HOTELIER - Axor Hansgrohe "Design Innovation to Conservation" WeBBlast Series in his keynote address, David Cooper, highlights the company’s purpose, vision, products details and how they are creating sustained value. He said, “For us, water is the core of our business and water is the elixir of life. Our passion and responsibility for water over the decades is what shapes us. As a green company, we strive for a small organic footprint to conserve resources.”

With more than 600 globally claimed designer awards, the company strives to harmonize economic success with social responsibility and environment protection. In order to save water, the company introduced four sustainable technologies – EcoSmart, AirPower, CoolStart and LowFlow.

Cooper explained, “EcoSmart products use up to 60 per cent less water while ensuring the same comfort. AirPower combines water with air to create voluminous water experience. With CoolStart, the pipe systems are not filled with hot water unnecessarily, the mixers are only run through with cold water in the central position. And LowFlow reduces water consumption to 3.5 litre per minute.”

Concluding his address, Cooper mentioned that the company works with its customers to achieve their targets. “We desire to create value by saving time, money and offering peace of mind over the product life cycle,” he asserted.


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