Fundamentals remain the same, but the norm will comeback in a different way: Susan Isaac

Experts from across the industries have mentioned a fact that these unprecedented and unconventional times have not taken away the power of creativity but rather introduced a huge room for innovation. ‘Touch’ existed for years in the hospitality industry, but the recent spur has brought in the need for introducing touchless products while also keeping the experience in place.

Bringing their experience and observations to the table; the expert designers agreed that empathetic design and customization of products takes precedence over everything. 

Elaborating further, Susan Isaac, Design Director, Principal, Wilson Associates, Singapore shared, “It’s not only about the beauty of something but it is mainly about the experience and operations of the product.” The ideology has not been impacted or changed per se but moving ahead in the new normal; Isaac predicts and stated that you will see more detailing, customization, engaging products in the post-pandemic world.

She was speaking at the fourth episode, themed, 'Enhancing Water Experience’ of BW HOTELIER-Hansgrohe ‘Design Innovation to Conservation’ weBBlast series

While discussing the unconventional changes happening around the design, she laid heavy emphasis on the roots and said, “The fundamentals are not going to change, and every designer should keep that in mind”. Adding more to it she stated that “There is a responsibility behind any project and the designer really needs to take operations and aesthetics hand- in-hand to walk that through.”

The projects at different geographies can be difficult and demanding on different levels. Agreeing to it Isaac added that, “It is basically a fine balance between operator’s requirement and owner’s expectations, and we as designers have to bridge that gap.” As she holds the experience of working with top brands across the globe; she explained the nuances that every brand has definitive guidelines, and the designers must adhere to those guidelines. “Sometimes; it’s not one size fits all but as long as you are within the same principles it gets managed, but it is management process”, said Isaac.

Concluding on an optimistic note; Isaac said, “The norm will come back in a different way. The human spirit stands up to this. Collaboration and understanding will be there to achieve the next levels. It will get many people working together for the better.” Isaac made a strong, lively, and meaningful comment, “It is life and life moves on.”


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