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Mumbai welcomes an entirely new dining experience with the launch of Candy & Green--a 2500 sq ft multi level restaurant in the heart of the buzzing Breach Candy which houses a 750 sq ft farm growing 25 kgs of greens every week.

IT SEEMED like only yesterday that Mumbai was being introduced to farm to fork dining with the launch of restaurants like Gauri Devidayal's - the Table and then last year with Aditi Dugar and Chef Prateek Sadhu's brainchild Masque pioneering botanical bistronomy. Diners are now not only assured the freshest produce, but also offered a taste of unique ingredients like the Fiddlehead Fern and Rododendron from Himachal, Pine Needles from Kashmir, Neetles and even Cactus fruit from Uttarakhand and of course the Seabuck Thorn from the highest Himalayan peak.

Today however Mumbai welcomes an entirely new dining experience with the launch of Candy & Green. This 2500 sq ft multi level restaurant in the heart of the buzzing Breach Candy houses a 750 sq ft farm in which they grow 25 kgs of foliage every week. From Thyme to Oregano, Lettuce to Celery, Mustard micro greens to red Amaranthus, their in-house farm offers multiple varieties of herbs, edible flowers, micro greens and vegetables Literarily from terrace to table, their ingredients see no travel, no transportation and no time delay before reaching the kitchen and being served on your plate. Welcome carbon free dining, the next chapter in Mumbai's rapidly evolving culinary landscape.

The brainchild of first time hotelier Shraddha Bhansali, Candy & Green has been her dream 4 years in the making and finally opens its doors to welcome eager diners, the restaurant is a unique mix of fun eating and fit choices. The ingredients reign over limiting boundaries of cuisines, and meat-less dishes made of seasonal and locally sourced produce redefining the idea of eating well. The menu is an unusual and exciting marriage of flavours curated by master chef finalist Karishma Sakhrani and includes dishes like the Rubies and Pearls salad, the perfect blend of pomegranate and barley; the Three Pepper Toastie which looks and tastes like cheese but actually is the freshest homemade paneer; or even the Black is Back, a surprisingly delicious dish of black risotto and black truffle oil. Among my favourite desserts were the Coconut Pudding which is packed with passion fruit coulis, fresh fruits and toasted black sesame and of course the No More Depresso Mousse, a melt in your mouth hazelnut mousse with a hint of coffee. Both these desserts are vegan and totally delicious. Offering a full-stocked bar as well, the cocktails and cold press juices too just like the food uses natural and fresh ingredients following the generally philosophy of the restaurant.

“Candy and Green’s food is fresh & seasonal, wholesome & hearty, unique yet familiar, comforting yet conscious. Unfussy in its approach, its beverage philosophy too highlights freshness as much as it values innovation.” says owner Shraddha Bhansali

With future plans to extend their wellness approach by introducing yoga classes on the rooftop, Candy & Green is taking our taste buds to the next level of indulgence.

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