Firdaus by Citrus County in Punjab gets a seat on the RARE India Community

Giving a taste of farm tourism in Punjab, Firdaus by Citrus County recently became a member of the RARE India Community.

Endorsing farm tourism in Punjab, Firdaus by Citrus County recently got a seat in the RARE India Community. The community comprises of finest luxury boutique hotels, palace-stays, wildlife lodges, homestays, and retreats of India.

Speaking about the hospitality offered at Firdaus by Citrus County, Harkirat Singh, Owner, Firdaus by Citrus County commented, "Having begun in 2008, I found that farming was becoming limiting and farmers needed to supplement their incomes. Citrus County was born to provide an experience to itinerant travellers worldwide while creating opportunities for the local community through skill development, hospitality training, and other opportunities to sell farm produce. Firdaus evolved to show guests what life on a farm can be while staying with a farmer's family."

Appreciating Firdaus by Citrus County, Shoba Mohan, Founder, RARE India said, "One of our initiatives is to show children and young adults living on a farm and the richness of this culture, the joy of farm-fresh food and being outdoors. Firdaus is a perfect example of a getaway that is fun, learning and time together for families while connecting them with local culture and community."

Firdaus offers pet-friendly stay and is located at a driving distance from Delhi, Chandigarh, and Amritsar. The airport at Adampur is located nearby. Firdaus spreads across 20 acres and has been designed for providing outdoor and farm stays. The farm is operational and houses Poplar, Kinnow, Orange, and Grapefruit tree.

Having ample open spaces between the four villas, Firdaus offers a refreshing outdoor experience. Two Villas house two bedrooms, and the other two villas have one bedroom, attached baths, a common lounge, and a pantry. Firdaus also provides a range of outdoor activities, including forest trails, cycling, and four-wheel drive outs.

Firdaus inspires children to 'be a farmer for a weekend.' The children are allotted tasks to understand and discuss challenges, insights, and ideas related to farming.

Firdaus offers ample open space to enjoy stargazing. Visitors can also witness Holla Mohalla festival of the Anantpur Sahib. For the history buffs, the Gurudwara of Anantpur Sahib's museum offers an insight into Sikh history.

At Firdaus, one can enjoy delectable like mustard fish, homemade village-style mustard greens (Sarson Ka Saag), mutton curry, Indi-Chinese, and tomato paneer. Additionally, the detox tea cocktail consisting of fresh orange tea, honey, cinnamon, and rum is available here.

Being a collaborator with RARE India, Firdaus encourages community employment, water conservation, low plastic footprint, local and organic produce.


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