Experience in the bathroom can be the differentiator for the guest: Mevan Gunatilleke

Speaking at the ‘Design Innovation to Conservation’ weBBlast series organised by BW HOTELIER in association with Hansgrohe, Mevan Gunatilleke, Executive Director, Sanken Overseas, Sri Lanka mentions that experience in the bathroom can greatly influence guests.

Bathrooms are often looked at in the hindsight, but a unique bathroom experience is one of the key factor to influence guests’ experience nowadays. A good, functional, and well-designed bathroom is what guests look forward to when they step into a resort or hotel. Giving more insight on the same, Mevan Gunatilleke expressed that a bathroom experience impacts more than a room experience for the guests. He said, “A guest differentiates the resort or hotel from its bathroom as the bedroom is more or less the same. The real experience, where you can let the guest experience the nature outside or get a good sense of the view, lies in the washroom.”

He further elaborates that back in the day, the area split of bathroom spaces would be 20 to 30 per cent of the area but now the bathroom space is more than bedroom space. Giving the example of resorts in Seychelles and Maldives,   he said, “The luxury segment now hasmore bathroom space than bedroom space and that is when the guests really gets to experience the environment where he/she is and feels that.”

“If you compare a bedroom of New York’s hotel and Seychelles hotel, it is not much different but the bathroom is where you really feel the difference and it is because of the inclusion of nature, the design and quality of the products you use in the space also have to be equally good and bear up with the forces of nature,” he added.

Gunatilleke was speaking at the third episode of BW HOTELIER- Hansgrohe ‘Design – Innovation to Conservation’ weBBlast series which was themed as ‘Where Innovation Meets Emotion’.

Talking about the safety and wellness aspect in terms of design, Gunatilleke informed that it is important to keep the design simple to address safety and wellness factor. “In keeping up with the safety and design, the most important thing is to keep things simple and not complicate the design which is very common to both architectural designing to overall room or bathroom and also into the details. If you keep your creativity simple, you can address the overall safety and the design factor as well,” he said.


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