Emotion is the starting point of any innovation: Prem Nath

Prem Nath, Principal Architect & Owner, Prem Nath & Associates believes that it is not innovation that meets emotion but rather every innovation starts with emotion. He feels emotions are the starting point of design and innovation.

Every hospitality industry expert agrees that a lot of developments have happened in the hospitality industry which further accelerated post the pandemic period. Speaking at the panel discussion on the theme, ‘Innovation meet Emotion’, “Prem Nath, elaborated, “I have seen a lot of change happening. Kitchens became open kitchens, bathrooms are becoming open bathrooms, bathrooms are becoming a part of your rooms. Now bathrooms are not confined to artificial ventilation.’ 

He went onto add that in many resort properties, bathrooms are coming to the exterior of the guest rooms and the emphasis is on the view.   

It seems the focus of the design in hospitality has been to bring more nature into a hotel. Nath, who specialises in bathroom design, shared that the bathroom is now described as a unique selling feature of a hotel.  

 In terms of how innovation and emotion are related, Nath is of the opinion that the emotion gives the start of innovation. He shared the view of “emotional innovation”, he said, “If I am not passionate, I may not go and come with a good design. Emotion has to be there.”  

Nath was speaking at the BW HOTELIER - Hansgrohe WeBBlast Series on "Design Innovation to Conservation". Prem Nath & Associates is a Bombay based complete Design Organization established in 1967 having professional practice in architecture and interior designing and offering engineering services all over India for 50 years. 


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