Elanpro Launched Mobile Freezer With Zero Energy Cost

Elanpro Mobile Freezer harnesses the power of the sun via panel to cool products.

ELANPRO, a commercial refrigeration company, introduced Mobile Freezer at AAHAR, 2019. Elanpro Mobile Freezer operates without an external power source and thus has zero energy costs. The company exhibited its entire range of products catering to Retail, Bar and Kitchen refrigeration at 33rd Annual international food & hospitality Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 12 – 16 March, 2019.

Elanpro Mobile Freezer harnesses the power of the sun via panel to cool products. An energy-efficient, light-weight (22 kg) solution, the refrigeration product is solar and battery powered. Once the battery is charged, it can run for 10-12 hours making it reliable even for the markets wherein electricity is a problem. Elanpro Mobile Freezer is multi-utility tool for retail or door step delivery. The product can be fitted on a two wheeler as well for delivery of milk, cheese, butter, juices, frozen food and Ice Cream alternatively. The system can also be deployed for agricultural produce, dairy chilling, ice-making and other purposes.

Addressing the space issues faced by small retailers, ELANPRO has showcased Counter top Chiller & freezer - EKG 55. With a small footprint and versatile, lightweight design, Elanpro EKG 55 is not only ideal for supermarkets but also restaurants, delis, bakeries, convenience stores, paan and chemist shops looking to expand their offerings display, while saving valuable counter space. A viable option for low selling rural market, EKG 55 is equally efficient in modern trade outlets as a POS near check-out counter for a last minute sales. These energy efficient units are operationally noiseless.

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