Diversey: Disinfecting without disturbing operational costs

Cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation are the three key words that define every industry today. BW HOTELIER interacts with Kartik Iyengar, Business Director - Hospitality Sector, India and Sub Continent, Diversey, on how the company is extending its portfolio as per the need of the hour.

What products or solutions does Diversey have specifically for the hospitality sector?

Diversey has been a pioneer in cleaning and hygiene solutions serving customers in different sectors and industries for close to a century now. Hospitality is one of our core sectors and the entire organisation is well experienced to engage and deliver to the ever changing priorities of this sector. However at any point in time our proposition will revolve around the four pillars that are critical to our customers in the Hospitality Sector:

1. Improvement in Operational Efficiency

2. Asset Protection

3. Sustainability

4. Guest Experience

We are constantly improving our solutions to maximise efficacy while minimising the environmental impact and supporting our customers in their goals in reducing carbon foot print. Few examples would be Clax Advanced - a low temperature laundry system that helps hotels reduce on their utilities consumption like fuel, electricity and water but also helps in increasing Linen life. Flush me Not (FMN) water less Urinal System helps the wash room to remain hygienic and also reduces consumption of water.

What new offerings are in store for this year?

The pandemic has clearly highlighted the emphasis on a good dis-infection protocol against a clean and hygiene protocol followed previously. All our key customers wanted Diversey to provide a hospital grade disinfection system, so that guests who are checking in are reassured that they are in a safe and secure environment. At the same time as mentioned earlier they also wanted these solutions in a way that did not disturb their operational costs in a big way, did not cause harm to their assets and finally be safe for use. 

The customers also emphasised that the solutions need to have high efficacy where it should have the ability to kill microbes as quickly as possible so the operational downtime at the business is minimised. Hence we started to offer Oxivir which is based on a patented technology and is powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) that sanitises a surface in a matter of minutes. We have multiple formats in Oxivir including ready to use Oxivir Wipes which can eliminate Virus and other pathogens in one minute. Similarly, we introduced our Moonbeam(TM) technology for in-room disinfection. We are offering UV-C disinfection and luggage conveyor belts with U-We Safe. There are many more offerings in the pipe line, so please stay tuned for the launches.

How do you differ from competitors as far as the hospitality sector is concerned? 

Diversey's approach to customers has always been to reduce and manage Total cost of Operations (TCO). This approach helps us to solve problems for customers which are beyond the scope of cleaning and hygiene and places us in a better position with respect to our competitors. The key difference is the experience and knowledge of the Diversey team which can quickly identify and solve the needs of customers better than any other company. 

How are you supporting the industry in opening up?

Diversey has partnered with leading brands in the country to care for hospitality staff and guests by de-signing hotel reopening programmes and providing relevant information to help prevent the spread of infection, including Covid 19. We have packaged these solutions as Diversey Shield Program that enables hotels by defining hygiene protocols and maintaining them through frequent audits. The programme entails badging of locations/sites that are covered under it. There are 3 different types of Diversey Shields aptly programmed for various application areas. Usage of the right chemicals effectively entails Clean & Ready - Diversey Shield. Similarly, hygiene maintenance at high-traffic touch-points and timely verification of the same through audits attracts Covid-19 Safety Shield. For food applications, a separate Food Safety Shield can be subscribed to by our customers in F&B and food service areas.

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