Create an ecosystem where we can all co-exist: Chavan

As the scope of Sustainable travel grows, Hotels have come up with unique ways to be in synergy with the environment and keep up with the demand of the travellers.

The environment has long been troubled by destructive activities of corporations and human beings. The rapid destruction and the threat of climate change looms large. The Hospitality sector has tried to find a way for tourism to be maintained long-term without harming the natural environment. 

The answer to this can be seen in Sustainable Travel. As the scope of Sustainable travel grows, Hotels have come up with unique ways to be in synergy with the environment and keep up with the demand of the travellers. 

Green Spaces is a realty & hospitality company in Nashik, Maharashtra that has introduced two premium and eco-friendly hospitality properties - Grape County Eco-Resort and Viveda Wellness Retreat. At both the properties- nature and environment is the basis of the development. 

Tejas Chavan, Managing Director, Green Spaces says, “The idea behind starting Green Spaces was to do sustainable development which would not harm nature at any cost, and be in complete harmony with the environment.”

Green Spaces have teamed up with the best environmentalists, horticulturists, landscapers, and architects from across the world to create a biodiversity park which  allows over thousands of species of native flora & fauna to exist together and form a self-sustaining  ecosystem. 

Chavan adds, “Whenever we start a project, the first focus is always on nature and environment .We analyse how the construction will affect the flora and fauna. After that we loo.k at the commercial feasibility of the project. The balance between development and environment is extremely delicate. We try to conserve the natural  soil, we retain the natural ground as it is. We retain the existing trees and plant many more.” 

Balance is the key

According to the statistics by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Cities occupy only three per cent of the Earth’s land but account to 60 to 80 per cent of energy consumption and at least 70 per cent of the carbon emissions. This increases the importance of maintaining a fine balance between development and environment conservation.

“We must not forget that different species interact with the environment and provide us with things that are essential to life. So we must maintain a balance between humanity and nature by creating ecosystems where we can all co-exist.” Chavan said.

Grape County has received numerous awards and recognitions for its sustainable development and green initiatives which includes Vasundhara Award from the Maharashtra Government and Project Excellence Award from B.A.I (Builders Association of India). The luxury eco-resort has also been honoured with 5 Star rating from T.E.R.I (The Energy and Resources Institute) and has been awarded for best Integrated water management system and best renewable energy utilisation.

To account to that, Grape County has man-made lakes to store natural rain water at Grape County with approximately 22 cr. litre storage capacity. Each and every drop of water used in the resort is recycled and reused for landscaping. There is an On-Grid Solar Power Plant of 40 KW single axial panel & 6.6 KW Biaxial tracker panel. It generates around 198.4 units every day. It helps in saving approximately Rs. 11.78 lakhs annually. They have installed a biogas plant of capacity around 200 kg. All the kitchen waste is sent to this plant.

Talking about how local communities are supported in their resorts, Chavan said that all their purchases are made from local farmers or vendors only. He explains, “This dedication to livelihood development not only enables local communities to benefit from Nashik’s booming tourism sector but also helps reduce our overall carbon footprint by minimising the transport of goods and services from various locations.  Eco farm products were launched as a part of our social initiative. We have tied up with local tribal farmers to provide them a platform to sell their products and to get them a fair price.”

Promoting Environmental Awareness

The USP of Grape county is that they have nature trails for the guests, horse riding, wine tours and a nature education center where they educate  guests about the trees and plants and the soil water conservation. To raise awareness among people about being environment-conscious, they have put various informative educational boards across the property, about the process involved in creating Grape county and conserving nature. They have information booklets stating all the eco-friendly practices that we have implemented even in the rooms. 

On Viveda Wellness Retreat, Chavan says, “We have followed the same practices even at Viveda Wellness. We have documented our entire practice and journey of developing both the properties and share it with our guests. The aim is to inspire them to take the right steps in the direction of conserving nature.”

Vision for 2021

Commenting on their future plans, Tejas Chavan said, “Green Spaces, as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen, plans not only to maintain these outstanding environmental standards but also to expand its green initiatives in the years to come.”

These initiatives include Green Spaces in the process of providing IGBC rated Green Layout at Nashik, Launch of Turf, a grand destination wedding hall, An unique industrial park in Nashik where focus will be on creating a Miyawaki forest, green working spaces, green pods and reducing carbon footprint. They will also be focusing on promoting farming and agriculture on our plots.


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