Country Kitchen comes out with wide varieties of flours infused from vital vegetables

The wide varieties of flours include Beetroot flour, Broccoli Flour, Spinach flour, Green Peas flour, Quinoa flour and Black Wheat flour.

Country Kitchen has launched a wide range of flours infused with vital vegetables, millets and grains. These flours are made of high-quality ingredients such as MP Sharbati wheat with handpicked vegetables, millets, and grains infused in it, keeping them natural to retain all the nutrients. Country Kitchen products include Beetroot flour, Broccoli Flour, Spinach flour, Green Peas flour, Quinoa flour, Black Wheat flour among others.

Country Kitchen claims that these vegetable flours contain essential nutrients and is a great source of fibre, vitamins, proteins, calcium, and iron. For instance, Beet flour is naturally sweet, helps in cleansing the body and boosts up stamina by making muscles more fuel-efficient. While Broccoli flour is rich in antioxidants, improves gut health and helps to fight diabetes and cancer. In addition, some of its flours such as Black Wheat and Quinoa Beetroot are Non-GMO, gluten-free products that are rich in anthocyanins and help in weight loss.

Consumers nowadays have become more health-conscious and are increasingly looking for clean labels that are imbued with fibre, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Also, they are opting for alternative healthy foods that can add some taste and texture to their meals. Keeping this in mind to create a healthier and nutritious plant-based product, we came up with the idea to produce 100% natural and budget-friendly vegetable flours and share with the consumers across the country,” said Abhishek Bhasin, Co-founder, Country Kitchen.

Country Kitchen fortified flours are much more nutritious than just whole wheat and are a boon especially to the vegetarians and vegan diets that lack especially in their protein content. In addition, the product is manufactured keeping elderly people in mind for whom chewing is not a piece of cake anymore. And, for lovely kids who always try to hide when veggies are around.

The products of Country Kitchen can be purchased online at Countrykitchen, Amazon, Flipkart, VeganDukan, Flipkart, QTROVE, VVEGANO, and Wellcurve and they are also available offline in the modern market.

In the world of sugary cereals and processed foods, we are trying to bring around a change for the better world where we aim to produce healthy flours with the modern spin. We look forward to starting a healthy journey with consumers by sharing Country Kitchen products, “said Utkarsh Bansal, Co-founder, Country Kitchen.

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