Constant Training is the Key Mantra to Retain Talent

With new-age travellers preferring to stay at green hotels that promote sustainable tourism, Kuldeep Bhartee, Area Manager (West), ITC Hotels & General Manager, ITC Maratha, tells us why ITC Maratha remains the preferred choice to stay in the city.


ITC MARATHA is a manifestation of ITC Hotels ‘Responsible Luxury’ philosophy of creating hotels that are ‘Rooted to the Soil’. Abiding by the commitment to offer authentic experiences rooted in the culture of the region, the property presents an ambience steeped in history that pays tribute to Mumbai’s colonial roots and the spirit of the Marathas. “ITC Maratha captures the essence of Maharashtra’s ethos and culture as the basis of its design and various offerings,” tells Bhartee whose property is anchored by five internationally acclaimed award winning restaurants - Peshawri, Dum Pukht, Pan Asian, Dakshin Coastal and Peshwa Pavilion.

A LEED Platinum certified property rated by the US Green Building Council, the hotel derives 100 per cent of its energy from renewable sources. “With new-age travellers preferring to stay at Green Hotels that promote sustainable tourism, ITC Maratha remains the number one preferred choice of stay in the city,” reveals Bhartee.

Located just a mile away from the international airport and 3 miles from the domestic airport, the hotel is in close proximity to the bustling business districts of north and central Mumbai. With its close competitors in the trade being The Taj Hotels, Marriot and Hyatt, Bhartee comments on how the hospitality business in Mumbai has witnessed a sea change. “With the sudden growth in room inventory in the city, there has also been an equal increase in the demand for rooms. Inspite of the growing competition in the luxury hotels segment, ITC Maratha has been consistently growing and has been able to achieve an occupancy of 75 per cent,” he says.

However, growth in competition has led to high employee attrition rates. “We, at ITC Hotels, strongly believe that associates are the driving force behind making the hotel a preferred choice of stay amongst the competition. They are the real heroes who keep our industry flourishing. Hence, empowering the internal team along with constant training is the key mantra to retain talent and stay ahead of the competition.”

Talking about the significant boom in the new age technology, Bhartee feels that the online marketing channels have become increasingly crucial. “Apart from the traditional mediums of communications, our marketing strategy hugely revolves around engaging with our guests on a real time basis using social media platforms and enhancing our virtual customer interaction.”

As an addition to its already existing sustainability practices, ITC Maratha now plans to set up a new bio gas plant at the property. Biogas being a renewable and clean source of energy would help reduce greenhouse effect. The wet waste generated at the property would be channelized to produce bio gas fuel. This energy would then be used to fuel the kitchen areas. “Apart from this, we are also constantly focusing on upgrading our rooms based on changing needs and preferences of our guests. We are also looking at exploring and tapping the growing segment of weekend business (staycations),” concludes Bhartee.

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