Chalet Hotels Ltd. introduces ‘The Pride Side’, an Inclusion Policy Framework

Inclusive diversity policy prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

CHALET HOTELS Ltd. has introduced ‘The Pride Side’ policy, fortifying a non-discriminative and transparent environment at the workplace. The policy embraces gender differences and prohibits any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

‘The Pride Side’ covers elements like zero discrimination in the hiring process, financial support in gender affirmation procedure, adoption assistance benefits, workshops to sensitise employees, and also provides professional counselling, where required. Chalet Hotels Ltd. is committed to building an inspiring workplace through awareness, equal recognition and elevation for employees based on merits. Implementation of ‘The Pride Side’ is a step forward to reaffirm the organization’s belief in strengthening a non-discriminative and transparent workplace. 

Speaking about this initiative, Urvi Aradhya, Group CHRO, K Raheja Corp, said, “As one of the leaders in the real estate industry, we believe it is pertinent to recognize diverse perspectives in order to build a culturally and socially inclusive work environment for the organization to succeed. Such efforts enhance the overall business ecosystem and contribute positively to the overall economy, by creating rewarding careers along with generating more job opportunities. The real estate industry is one of the largest contributors to the GDP in India, and K Raheja Corp believes that creating an environment that is conducive to inclusion will help boost the sector overall.”


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