Chai Sutta Bar to employ 500+ workers from EWS Category

With the expansion plan for 2022, the company targets to provide employment to people from an economically poor background

Chai Sutta Bar, a tea cafe, has employed more than 400 impoverished people in 2021. Now, with the expansion plan for 2022 the company targets to provide employment to more than 500 people with a similar background. The brand has worked towards the upliftment of potter communities, orphans, differently able and people from below poverty line section of the society by not only lending a hand but also by generating employment opportunities for the said section.

In 2021, Chai Sutta Bar has opened 110 outlets while generating employment opportunities for at least 400 people from the economically poor section. Since its earlier days, the company has been providing opportunities to orphans and especially abled persons and aims to continue its efforts for future. The company uses over three lakhs kulhads every day and supports more than 500 potter families. It also employs more than 1,500 people from a diverse section of the society with special emphasis on weaker sections.

“Over 3 lakh kulhads are used every day. We wanted to help thousands of pottery makers. As we keep expanding, we will require close to 5 lakhs of kulhads every day,” said Anubhav Dubey, Co-Founder, Chai Sutta Bar. He also aims to have Chai Sutta Bar’s presence in every city of India within two years, thus spreading more happiness and generating more employment opportunities for the people of India.

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