Burger Daddy Offers Gourmet Meals in Gurgaon

“We aim to open four outlets in Gurgaon in the next quarter and plan to achieve 35 outlets in Delhi/NCR in the next 3 years,” says founder Vikrant Singh Mathur.


Vikrant Singh Mathur recently sold off his flagship project ‘The Joint Café’ and is now gearing up to create an F&B outlet Burger Daddy along with partner Satish Kirodian.

Both being foodies have always dreamt of foraying into a QSR format that targets late night party goers, working professionals, and college students. Burger Daddy offers English/American meals with fresh burgers, charcuterie with cheese, cold cuts, sauces, marmalades, pre-cooked meats, home-made sausages, etc. “We are product-obsessed and use premium ingredients to offer gourmet burgers at an affordable price,” said Vikrant Singh Mathur, co-founder of Burger Daddy.

So what’s unique about Burger Daddy? Mathur explains the six steps that go into creating his gourmet burgers: Start with freshly ground meat handcrafted into a patty; Pair it with selection of imported cheese: Swiss Smoked, Gouda, English Cheddar (Mild), Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella; Layered with exclusive in-house toppings: Red Wine Marmalade, Chilli Relish, Chilli Mayo, Cured Meats; Add a dash of freshly prepared BBQ or Peri Peri Sauce; Compliment with signature sides: The Bourbon Coffee reduction bacon jam, Saffron Mayonnaise, Miso Jalapeno Dressing; Tie it all together with the freshly baked buns.

With the evolution of many QSR chains, Mathur feels that eating out trends have changed. “Today life is about packing in more experience in 24 hours and sharing them with your social set. People take 30 minutes delivery as given and are willing to try food options than sitting inside a restaurant and being served or even preparing something in their own house,” he said.

Customers value fresh ingredients, and if matched with taste, affordable pricing and quicker delivery, the result is unbeatable. Word of mouth and repeat guests matter a lot and the brand should be consistent in taste and delivery, explains Mathur. 

That the overall economy will grow in future as for the industry that relies heavily on disposable income, Mathur feels, “Equity capital will rise, investor confidence on scalable QSR brands will continue to create a ‘rich climate’. Technology will increase productivity and efficiency, and attract customers and quality employees.”

Burger Daddy aims to open 2-4 outlets in Gurgaon in the next quarter, and 35 outlets in Delhi/NCR in the next 3 years. Mathur has raised a seed capital of Rs 30,00,000 from two friends and is looking to raise 1,50,000 USD from angel investors soon.

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