A Great Fusion Of Art, Aesthetics & Food

The Project Café is a unique concept in the lifestyle experience space that seamlessly integrates art, design, music, culinary and literary arts and residence under one roof. We speak to Drasty Shah, CCO and Co-Founder, The Project Café for more details.

THE PROJECT Café (TPC) opened doors four years back in Ahmedabad and is so far positioned to capitalise on sustainable collaboration. It stands tall on the pillars – ideate, curate and collaborates. Having collaborated with more than 170 artists and designers to date across the globe on multi-disciplinary artistic endeavours, the café has extended this experience to Goa in November 2017.

Drasty Shah, CCO and Co-Founder, The Project Cafe converted a renovated 130-year-old Portuguese villa in Assagao—Amalia House—into an experiential design hotel to offer an experience of living in an art gallery. The boutique property has different artists working on this project and in future, Shah plans to bring on board a new set of interior designers to give each room a makeover every year.

A perfect combination of a gourmet café, restaurant, patisserie serving delectable scrumptious fare of an extensive menu of diverse handpicked recipes from across the world, the Café explores newer collaborations and creates human experience spaces. A self-funded enterprise, the Café is looking for strategic partnerships to collaborate.

In her recent conversation with BW, Shah spoke about the marketing strategy for her pet project in 2018. “We hope to attract like-minded individuals and communities from fields like hospitality, culinary arts, experiential art and design, etc, to be part of our journey; share their own journeys with us and explore the possibilities of creating collaborative experiences for the people. And we hope to achieve this all under the single roof of The Project Café,” she said.

With a view to multiple The Project Cafe experience by acquiring new properties or co-hosting with others under The Project Cafe brand, Shah says, “It is more like a functional, interactive, experiential, retail and hospitality project, one of the only sustainable collaboration platforms in the country that is an actual restaurant amidst an art gallery. The goal is to bring art in daily life, taking it out of the conventional gallery space and presenting objects of beauty and aesthetics to an audience that can experience or purchase these objects.”

The Project Cafe is an innovative, artistic sanctuary which has given birth to an altogether new idea that is ever-evolving. Shah along with Ekta Chopra founded The Project Cafe who turned their friendship and intellectual achievements into a distinctive idea whose long-standing excellence is evident in everything that is served. Every product ranging from a painting being hung on the restaurant to the fine plate where the guest is having their breakfast, the table where one is served at or the chair or the couch one’s sitting on is on sale. The owners have a huge amount of love and respect for the makers of the objects and believe each one deserves their moment in the sun. TPC Goa is more of an art abode whose architecture will give a collective taste of a restaurant, studio, and experiential design hotel to its guests.


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