'Work life balance and time management, biggest challenge for WFH'

In an exclusive conversation with BW HOTELIER, Smriti Lamba, Learning & Development Manager, Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity talks about her experience Working from Home during the pandemic.

There has been a sudden shift to web meetings and online trainings, so did the employees take on the new ways of communication? 

Human Being adapts to the environmental changes and it has a great impact on the behavioral aspect of human being. Employees have also adapted to the new ways of communication, We have inculcated the new normal and safe ways to upgrade the new learning aspects through virtual training techniques and various other methods. Accor has driven its focus in a big way to uplift the learning adequacy of employees through various online learning methods and keep their employees upto date with the changes in the ways to handle work.

How can you communicate better with the team?

Communicating better is always the combination of various methods blended together, Setting the right goal for the employee while they are doing work from home and as management - be proactive in one's approach adapt to collaborative mindset, ensure that you encourage feedback and discussion in the new mechanism of work and last but not the least, communicate using the right method at the right time. When pandemic was at its peak, we at Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity ensured that we communicate with our employees during pandemic and we share information, we train them so that there is a sense of inclusiveness amongst and they stay updated.

What do you think about the productivity level of employees?

Before the era of enhanced WFH concept, organisations did focus a lot on the well being of employee to enhance productivity, so I believe that management must continue to do so as they expect the employee to WFH. There are various methods to do so, focus on meditation to enhance productivity, people who meditate have less stressful lives. Mindfulness helps to sharpen focus, dampen stress, helps in decision making ability which definitely enhance the productivity.

What has been the biggest challenge faced by work at home associates? 

To overcome these problems one should initially create a time table for self to help understand productivity and a sense of achievement. Delivering what is expected while still being with family is a big challenge so set aside time for the family and the working schedule. One should also take enough breaks to rejuvenate the mind is also recommended, as there are limitations of what you can do during to refresh - so maybe one can practice their passion points.

How can work from home be comfortable and engaging for the employees? 

Some tips that can enhance the WFH environment which in turn can become comfortable and engaging: 

Establish an alternative workspace at home because majorly houses aren't designed from an official environment perspective so changing working environment may help;

Have a non work zone in your working area - so that one can meditate if needed;

Having a live plant around - this methodology will help you remain focused and fresh; 

Experimentation can optimize productivity, test and try new tactics, find solution to best accommodate your needs.


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