'We Have to Keep Up with Constantly Evolving F&B Preferences'

Rohit Srivastava, Hyatt Regency Delhi's new Director of F&B speaks to BW Hotelier about the challenges of his job and how the year is shaping up, sharing his philosophy, which he hopes will bring more success to his hotel's already prominent F&B offerings.


BW HOTELIER spoke to Rohit Srivastava, who has been appointed as Director, Food & Beverage, Hyatt Regency Delhi. Srivastava, who began his career at Oberoi Rajvilas in 2003, spoke to us about what lies ahead this year and the role he will play to make F&B even more popular and profitable for the hotel. Here are some excerpts from the chat.

BW Hotelier: You have taken over the responsibility of the food and beverage service at a hotel which is already operating at a very phenomenal level, how to you plan to increase the revenues and make it even more successful?

Rohit Srivastava: Hyatt Regency Delhi is a hotel which is well known for its food and beverage for the last 30 years. All our restaurants are winners of multiple awards and are doing quite well. La Piazza and TK’s Oriental Grill have already completed 20 years plus in their current form and in the last three years, our efforts have only enhanced their performance in terms of covers. To keep up this feat, I believe the time tested combination of great food, excellent guest service and the right marketing will work best. Also, we have to keep up with the constantly evolving food and beverage preference of our guests and adapt accordingly. The third idea will be to reach out to even more number of guests and making exceptionally good dining experience more of a norm than an exception.

BWH: What do you think you bring to the job, in your position as Director F&B?

RS: I am very passionate about guest-oriented service. Guests today are well aware of international trends and standards; also the number of restaurant options for them has been growing exponentially. The only way to make your restaurants always relevant and in demand is to be well aware of your guests and their expectations. Only then can you can keep your guests happy and loyal to your brand.

Also, I am a big believer of the Hyatt Purpose “We care for people so they can be their best”. In today’s date, “Humanizing the hospitality” is the key word and I strongly believe in it.

BWH: Do you think there will be a marked difference in the way things are done now that you are heading the team?

RS: Every individual’s style of work is different; and I am quite sure the change will be evident and will be felt positively by my colleagues as well.

BWH: What are the new projects which you are most excited about?

RS: We have just opened House A which is an Uber luxurious residential club for members only. Soon, we will have a glorious addition to that as well. Also we are opening a “members only” business club which will be a great addition to the array of destinations.
There are few more concepts which are being researched and developed right now which will start firming up by November 2017.

BWH: Finally, what do you think makes the F&B Operations at your hotel such a massive success?

RS: Hyatt Regency Delhi has always believed that when you serve consistently good food, recognise the regular guests, empathise and create mesmerising events, success will always come to you. At Hyatt Regency Delhi we believe in a saying which is: “Food and beverage isn’t a job it’s a lifestyle!!’

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