'The Appumm House' arrives in Gurgaon

Presenting traditional dishes with a modern twist, 'The Appumm House' will provide popular South Indian dishes in the North Indian state.

Expanding the list of South Indian breakfast options available in North Indian states, 'The Appumm House' has arrived in Gurgaon. Usually, when one thinks of South Indian food, the clichéd Idli, Dosa and Vada appear in one's mind. However, the South Indian cuisine has a broader range of food options available which Gaurav Sahai, the Chief Curator of 'The Appumm House', has decided to acquaint the customers with.

'The Appumm House' is a new small coastal food delivery venture with a unique twist. Here appumms are prepared on a traditional Appachatti and served with different stew varieties, curries, and garnishes that will pamper the tastebuds.

Inspired from the peninsular regions and the sun-drenched beaches of eastern and Western Ghats of India, 'The Appumm House' has picked the tastes, local spices, and cooking styles from the regional and local lands nearshore to deliver the authentic taste of Coastal India.

'The Appumm House' offers various combinations like Spinach & Carrot Appumm, Curry leaf Appumm, Chettinad Appumm, Gassi Appumm, etc. In addition to that, traditional idiyappam and parotta are also available.

Their menu offers 50 non-veg and 30 veg delicacies like Kundapur Ghee roast, Coorg Pepper fry, Udupi Sukka, Karwar Butter Pepper Garlic, Kudla Tawa Fry, Pollichathu, Pallipalayam, Drumstick Pullimunchy, Pineapple Yellow Curry, Beetroot Red Curry, Srilankan Black Mutton Curry, Malabar Chicken stew, Madras Fish Curry, Mangalorean Mutton Curry, Kori Kundapuri, to name a few.

Their traditional filter Kaapi adds the earthy South Indian Coastal freshness to one's otherwise hustling day.

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