'Future of tourism based on developing and preserving environment'

Tourism Minister Sripad Naik speaks at Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism Amity University's International Tourism and Hospitality Conference

To commemorate the World Tourism Day 2021, Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism Amity University hosted a two-day International Tourism and Hospitality Conference (AITHC 2021) with the theme “International Conference on Tourism for Inclusive Growth: Promoting Equality and Sustainable Economic Development.”

Inaugurating the conference, Shripad Naik, Minister of State for Tourism, Government of India, said “ Tourism is the world’s biggest industry which creates jobs for all sectors of society, builds foreign exchange reserves and boosts the economy. With inclusive tourism, we can achieve and meet 10 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, wherein Goals like No 5 for gender equality, No 8 for industry, innovation and infrastructure development can be met with the development in the tourism sector.” 

He appreciated the international conference being organised by Amity and added, “Such conferences will be helpful in the inclusive development of tourism. Tourism contributes to social, economic development of the country and it is a major industry of the world with which a large number of people are connected. The future of tourism is based on the environment, by developing and preserving the environment, there will be development in the field of tourism. In the present time, information communication technology has given a new dimension to the tourism sector and all the countries in the world are associated with the tourism industry”. 

“Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, efforts are being made by the Government at various levels for the development of the country's tourism industry," he adde. Naik also briefed about the guidelines being issued by the Ministry of Tourism to the tourism industries and said the tourism industry needs to regain its aura once again post-Covid and suggested increasing the building capacity of the hospitality industry, operationalisation of hotels, homestays and outlined several initiatives like Saathi, Incredible India, Dekho Apna Desh, Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat etc. which the Government has rolled out to boost tourism.

“India has the potential to become self-reliant in every field and we have full faith that soon we will be self-reliant in every field. We at Amity organize such conferences for students to provide opportunities available in the tourism sector and also to get guidance from experts in the field. Presently there are many opportunities available in the tourism sector via innovative determination” said  Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Group.

“Pandemic has hit the tourism industry, big industry groups will soon bring themselves into the mainstream, but mostly small industries have been affected more. Improvement in the environment, reduction in energy consumption, more focus on health security infrastructure and development of information communication technology etc. are some of the positive effects of this pandemic. Development can be called inclusive only when social opportunities are developed and to achieve equitable and sustainable growth, economic distribution needs to keep in mind. Tourism development should be compatible, community-centric and gradual, the race for competitive advantage should be avoided”, said Amitabh Upadhyay, President, Global Business Studies (GBS), Dubai, UAE.

Prof Harold Goodwin, Professor Emeritus and Responsible Tourism Director at the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, Managing Director of Responsible Tourism said, “Sustainable tourism will develop through responsible tourism. India should incorporate the local people in the inclusive development of tourism. India is technically very developed and uses this technology to develop new tourist destinations and focus on yield in the tourism sector.”

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