'Artificial Intelligence' & 'Internet of Things' has played an important role in the hospitality industry during COVID: Amit Dalvi

Amit Dalvi, Corporate IT Manager, Pride Hotels shares more on how hotels try and stay hacker safe, use viable technology for Covid-19 times and other tech trends in the market

What steps have you taken to ensure that there is no data breach or hacking into the server of the hotel?

In the current pandemic situation, we have migrated most of our operations of the hospitality domain to Cloud, as many of our staffs were initially working from home.   Now, after the partial reopening of operations across our properties, we have introduced the cloud-based application for guests. it will enable them to have a touch-free environment as a part of Covid 19 safety precautionary. 

With all data on the Cloud one needs to take safety measures to protect the integrity of the data on the laptops issued to employees for 'Work from Home'. To handle the situation, we have implemented the next-generation Cisco Firewall for the data safety along with Seqrite End Point Protection. Both the software’s not only secures the data on the Cloud but also encrypts it on roaming profile which protects them from copying data on Cloud such as Google Drive or One Drive or Local USB drives. With the current scenario, we have also changed all default ports such as RDP to avoid the data breach while monitoring all the reports.

Which economically viable technology do you think hotels need to adopt to stay safe with and post coronavirus?

New hi-tech Technology such as 'Artificial Intelligence' & 'Internet of Things' has played an important role in the hospitality industry during COVID. And they will be beneficial in the post COVID conditions too as touchless services and social distancing will be a very important factors for the guest’s safety in hotels.  To offer a contactless and touchless guest experience it is important to adapt to these vital technologies. And with the help of AI Technology guest can perform contactless check-in and check-out which will help them to maintain social distancing.

What is the latest in technology that is coming up for the hospitality industry? Can you please elaborate with examples of hotels it’s being used in.

In the current pandemic situation, all major service providers have built its own or interfaced technology platform to assist their Hospitality partners with providing safe environment to the guests. We have experience and used IOT application designed by IDS who are one of the service providers for hospitality to provide Property Management System with end- to- end solution. 

IDS has provided the IOT Solutions FX-GEM which integrates with Local PMS that help guests to perform activities like advance check-in, uploading travel documents and photo identity, processing room up-gradation request and room blocking. Also, they have integrated the solution with many Keycard service providers which enable the guest to use a mobile device to open the room door. As a result, this provides guest contactless experience helping them to maintain personal hygiene which is of utmost priority in the present scenario.

Can you suggest few tech hacks that will immediately help the hotel to become more energy efficient and sustainable?

Many hotels have started rolling out technologies which will help them to be more energy-efficient along with Green technology. Many hotels have installed AI-based thermostats which automatically adjusts heating and AC temperatures. Room sensors automatically detect light levels, increasing and reducing the bulb brightness.

At an individual level, which gadgets do you think will help a hospitality professional do better at work?

At present, digitalisation of reports will help smooth operations. As due to the unpredictable environment if we have to go to a sudden lockdown, then, with the digitalisation of environment with fully secured technology, we can have control on our day to day work along with maintaining the day to day activity report.   

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